The Backstory

I am one of John Curtis’ many cousins and I also happen to be a resident of Eagle Mountain City, which is in the 4th Congressional District. I am not associated with any of the campaigns in the 3rd District nor have I coordinated the release of this report with any of them.

I wrote this report about “The Other Side of John Curtis” because I’m deeply concerned about government corruption and in the last year or so I’ve heard lots of credible reports about problems in Provo City.

When I first contacted my cousin, Mayor Curtis, to let him know that I might write about his administration, his first instinct was to get me to reveal my sources and find out what I knew. When I wouldn’t share the details due to my desire to protect my sources, he wrote:

“In my opinion, if you have evidence of wrong doing you have an obligation to bring it forward. Otherwise you are part of the very corruption that you are fighting.” 

In my experience, the only time that politicians ever accuse watchdogs of being part of the problem is when they have something to hide. And the scope of the scandal is usually proportional to the panic they exhibit.

When I realized there was much more to discover than the few tidbits I had received so far, I started digging deeper. I collected documents, interviewed sources, researched news archives, and gathered photographic evidence. “The Other Side of John Curtis” is a short summary of the highlights of my investigation.

Now it’s up to the voters in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District to decide whether Curtis actually deserves to be the voice of Utahns in D.C.

In Liberty,

Sam Allen
Eagle Mountain, Utah